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Monash theatre nurses keep floor coordination role

A group of anaesthetic and recovery theatre nurses, including ANMF Job Reps, at Monash Medical Centre have successfully organised to maintain involvement in floor coordination.

Floor coordination has traditionally been managed between the anaesthetic and recovery nurses and scrub scout surgical nurses.

Management proposed removing the anaesthetic and recovery nurses from floor coordinating duties.

The group of anaesthetic and recovery nurses – Natalie Berniard, Anna Robinson, Sarah Braas, Shona Achilles and Alex Pador – wrote to management outlining their concerns that removing them from floor coordination was ‘deskilling’ and proposing an alternative model.

After meeting with management, the Job Reps and other nurses were successful in advocating to keep their role in floor coordination and proposing a new leadership team model in recovery.

This highlights the important work that Job Reps can do in the workplace, in advocating and ultimately achieving positive outcomes for all members in the workplace.