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Midwives can now witness statutory declarations

Midwives can now witness statutory declarations

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The ANMF is pleased to confirm that midwives have been included on the list of professionals who are able to witness a statutory declaration.

A statutory declaration is a legally recognised written statement that the person making the declaration promises is truthful.

Statutory declarations are used for many purposes including to verify insurance claims and as evidence for sick leave at work.

While nurses have been amongst those authorised, with the creation of a separate register for midwives, the ANMF wrote to the Commonwealth Attorney General seeking that the Act be amended to include midwives who may not also be nurses. Midwives were added to the list of professionals authorised to witness statutory declarations when the Statutory Declarations Regulations 2018 commenced in September 2018.

ANMF (Vic Branch) is revising its Witnessing a statutory declaration policy to reflect the changes to the regulations and knowledge midwives as professionals authorised to witness these statements.

The draft policy also provides nurses and midwives with guidance to witness a statutory declaration properly, including reminding the person there are penalties under law for making false statements.

The policy also reminds nurses and midwives that the person has to sign a statutory declaration in the witness’s presence and provides wording for the person to make a declaration that the contents of their statement are true and correct.