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Mental health agreement discussions

Mental health agreement discussions

Discussions are underway between ANMF (Vic Branch) and employers over a new public sector mental health services enterprise agreement.

ANMF member claims are aimed at improving entitlements, conditions and physical and psychological safety for nurses working in public mental health services.

The parties present are ANMF (Vic Branch), the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services and the Health and Community Services Union (HACSU).

To support your claims the ANMF (Vic Branch) iis seeking information about nurse numbers and staffing profiles in community mental health teams and also gathering information from members  about bed and staffing numbers at bed-based services. This information will assist ANMF (Vic Branch)’s position when negotiating on nurse staffing profiles within the 2020–24 public sector mental health agreement.

Talks have also commenced with employers over the new Forensicare enterprise agreement. ANMF (Vic Branch) sent members working for Forensicare a survey about their workload and conditions which will inform claims. The survey closed on 24 July.

Claims for both agreements include ensuring the achievements secured in the Victorian public sector nurses and midwives 2020-24 agreement are included.

The employer representative (VHIA) has begun responding to ANMF (Vic Branch) claims for the public sector mental health services agreement.

Meetings have also included discussions about HACSU claims. Where ANMF has identified HACSU claims that are either nursing-related or have an impact on nursing we have requested to be present at those meetings. For matters suitable for separate discussions between HACSU and employers we have requested draft clauses, information provided as part of discussions around claims and minutes of these discussions.

ANMF (Vic Branch) has received the employer log of claims for the public sector mental health services agreement and the employer log of claims for Forensicare.