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Look after yourself while supporting students experiencing family violence

Look after yourself while supporting students experiencing family violence

School nurses play a pivotal role in promoting the optimal health and wellbeing of students and helping them to navigate related issues such as family violence.

We know your role is increasingly demanding. Research shows that health professionals who support people experiencing family violence can find themselves experiencing negative health impacts.

ANMF and Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (NMHPV) invite school nurses to an online (Microsoft Teams^) wellbeing session for managing the stressors associated with your role supporting students experiencing family violence.

Register for either Wednesday 29 or Thursday 30 November (5pm – 6pm).

We know you understand better than most the importance of optimal wellbeing and early intervention, but it’s another thing to put this into practice ourselves. It’s time to prioritise your own wellbeing first.

Spending time on your own wellbeing might sound like more hard work. Rest assured, this session won’t be telling you that everything will magically be okay.

The NMHPV’s trained counsellors (and clinicians) are nurses and midwives. We’ve designed this session will provide you with the practical support, tips and an opportunity to anonymously share your experiences in a safe space with other school nurses.

Encourage your colleagues to attend.