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July ‘to do’ list for reps

July ‘to do’ list for reps


  • Read ANMF’s ’10 Point Plan to End Violence and Aggression: A Guide for Health Services’ and spread the word.
  • Talk to your manager about joining your OVA or OHS committee.
  • Register for the initial training or refresher training (see below).
  • If you’re an ANMF member, let us know you’re an elected HSR (we won’t always know) via
  • Register for the Psychological Hazards in Healthcare Conference on 16 August 2019.
  • Did you know if you catch gastro or flu as a result of an outbreak at work you may be entitled to workers comp?


  • Introduce yourself to new staff in your work area — check they have transferred their membership OR recruit them to the ANMF.
  • Identify areas with no ANMF Job Rep and plan to recruit at least one in each area.
  • Plan and organise an ANMF Roadshow at your workplace.
  • Walk your colleagues through the ANMF Member Assistance form on the website (
  • Leave a copy of the latest ‘The Handover’ in the lunch room.