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Job Rep case study: Kazz Cullen and Meredith Cuthbert

Job Rep case study: Kazz Cullen and Meredith Cuthbert

Kazz Cullen and Meredith Cuthbert are enrolled nurses and Job Reps in the operating theatre at Shepparton Private Hospital. For both, the Job Rep role offers not just a vital link between hospital staff and the ANMF but a source of great camaraderie and friendship.

Kazz has been an ANMF Job Rep for more than 13 years, at two different facilities. Meredith is in her second year in the Job Rep role. As a relative newbie, she says she was a bit intimidated by the idea of the role at first, and thought she didn’t know enough about being a rep. ‘But with the support, education and training days’ provided by ANMF, and the support and encouragement of her colleagues and fellow reps such as Kazz, her ‘thoughts where quickly changed.’

For Kazz, the role initially made her a little nervous as well but she likewise found the support and education offered to her invaluable. A ‘wonderful organiser’ was also key in making her feel comfortable, and now she is able to use her experience to welcome and support newer reps like Meredith.

Having multiple reps in the department and on the ward is a huge benefit, both agree. ‘We are always happy for more,’ Kazz says, as ‘it’s great to be able to bounce off each other, and it’s important for staff to be able to approach the reps comfortably. Multiple reps ensure there is always someone available.’

For Meredith, knowing that she has the support of other reps as well as the organiser and the ANMF ‘has made the position a lot easier’.

Any challenges they may face are worth it for the positives that being a Job Rep provides, personally and professionally.

‘As reps we are a point of contact for members within our workplace,’ Kazz says. ‘We can assist with information and provide support if required. Sometimes it’s as easy as being
an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.

‘We also promote the benefits of being part of the ANMF,’ she adds.

This includes things like ‘informing other members what the union has to offer, such as education and training days, and discounted accommodation you can rent through ANMF to
enjoy with family,’ Meredith says.

‘It’s a good feeling being part of such a great union,’ Kazz adds. This extends beyond the workplace, too. ‘The friendships and relationships I’ve made whilst being a Job Rep would absolutely have to be a highlight. I enjoy catching up with other delegates at functions and over the years have made many lasting friendships.’

Meredith agrees: ‘meeting so many other Job Reps at education days, training days and delegates conferences over the last two years has been a great experience. I’m looking forward to making many more friendships.’