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It’s registration renewal time

It’s registration renewal time

What do I need to do to renew my nursing or midwifery registration?

  1. Remember to renew before 31 May 2020. A fee schedule is available on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)/Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) website. Remember, your registration fee is tax-deductible.
  2. Members experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 can make an application to access the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s two-part payment plan. Eligible nurses and midwives will be able to make the first registration fee payment now and the second payment in October.
    Federal ANMF has lobbied AHPRA opposing its $15 fee rise calling on the regulator to keep registration renewal at the 2019 level of $160.
  3. You are required to meet the NMBA registration standards. You will be asked to sign off on or disclose information about:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Nurses and midwives are required to participate in 20 hours CPD, relevant to your practice, each year. If you hold a nursing and a midwifery registration (dual registration) you are required to meet this standard for each registration. Remember one hour of active learning equals one hour of CPD. If you hold a ‘scheduled medicine endorsement’, and/or are endorsed as a nurse practitioner you must complete an additional 10 hours of CPD each year.

ANMF provides all members with a professional portfolio to record your CPD. You can find information about how to record your CPD at the NMBA website.

Since publication of this article in the April 2020 edition of The Handover, and the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, the NMBA has confirmed that it encourages nurses and midwives to answer all renewal questions honestly and accurately.

The NMBA has acknowledged some nurses and midwives ‘may have trouble meeting the CPD requirements during this challenging time’.

The NMBA says the following may contribute to CPD hours:

  1. attending COVID-19 in-services
  2. reading and reflecting on COVID-19 journal articles
  3. COVID-19 infection control training and online modules.

The NMBA has confirmed it will not take action if a nurse and/or midwife declares they could not meet their CPD hours for the 2019-20 registration period. However, CPD evidence may be requested for those who declare they are unable to meet the recency of practice registration standard.

Visit the NMBA for more COVID-19 guidance.

Criminal history

The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law requires the AHPRA, as the regulator, to consider if a health practitioner’s criminal history is relevant to the practise of their profession. Under the National Law, spent convictions legislation does not apply to criminal history disclosure requirements. This means that when making a declaration about criminal history, applicants and registered health practitioners must declare their entire criminal history, from Australia and any other country, including any spent convictions. Factors that AHPRA considers when making a criminal history determination can be found at the NMBA website.

Professional indemnity insurance (PII)

You are required to confirm that you have the required PII. Rest assured that all ANMF working memberships include PII that meets AHPRA requirements.

Recency of practice

Nurses and midwives must undertake sufficient practice to demonstrate competence in their professions within the preceding five years. This standard applies to nurses and midwives seeking registration, endorsement of registration or registration renewal. It does not apply to recent graduates from nursing or midwifery programs in Australia applying for registration for the first time; student registration holders; or nurses or midwives holding non-practising registration or applicants for non-practising registration.

It is important to note: Those who hold dual registration are required to make separate recency of practice declarations for each registration held. In this situation carefully consider what evidence you are able to provide to meet the relevant competency and registration standards for each profession as there may be common elements of work and education applicable to nursing and midwifery that you can submit as evidence when applying or renewing for dual registration. For details visit

I am a new nurse or midwife and received my first nursing or midwifery registration in January 2020, do I have to renew?

Yes, you need to renew by 31 May. Registration is renewed annually by this date regardless of how long you were registered during the previous 12 months. It is the national annual renewal date.

There is one exception. If you are a graduate who registered within two months prior to the 31 May annual renewal date you are registered to practise until 31 May of the following year.

Check the national register at the NMBA website if you are not sure when your registration is due for renewal.