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Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference 2024

Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference 2024

Due to the needs of the public sector 2024 EBA campaign and statewide member meetings, the ANMF (Vic Branch) Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference will this year take place in August instead of its traditional date of late April or early May.

Now scheduled for Wednesday 14 August at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the conference is a member favourite, bringing together nurses, midwives and carers who are changing the way we deliver health and striving to improve our work, home and wider environments.

The full program is yet to be finalised, but we can announce that Walkley Award-winning journalist and presenter Jan Fran will be giving a keynote address on a topic that affects each and every one of us, at home and at work, every single day.

Co-host of ABC’s Question Everything, Jan made a decision several years ago to stop buying new clothes. At the time she was presenting The Feed every night on SBS, and wearing a different outfit for every show. Her decision to stop buying new was partly inspired by the inherent waste in that process – reflected on a wider scale by the overwhelming waste of the fast fashion industry.

It takes 2,700 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt, for instance.

Six years since making her decision, Jan cannot see herself ever buying a new item of clothing again. She will use her presentation at the conference to share what she’s learned on this journey, and offer her advice for what you can do at home to make your wardrobe more sustainable, and how you can apply those lessons in your workplaces and on your wards.

The conference attracts seven continuing professional development (CPD) hours, with tickets on sale now. Early bird discounts apply until July.