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Have your say: education portal election commitment

Have your say: education portal election commitment

At the 2022 state election, the Andrews Government committed to developing a centralised education portal for Victorian nurses and midwives to access.

The ANMF together with Safer Care Victoria has commenced work so that this election commitment can be implemented.

Please see below a message from Safer Care Victoria about its five-minute survey and why they need your important feedback.

Education and training of the nursing and midwifery workforce is critical to the functioning of Victorian health system. Currently there is often duplication across the health system relating to education and training that results in inefficiencies including:  duplication of costs, administrative burden, timeliness, and challenges with access to the right education and training. The Victorian Government has provided funding to pursue a project to help address these issues for nurses and midwives. The project includes a Centralised Education Portal which will develop a system to enable nurses and midwives to access consistent learning, prevent duplication and recognise previous learning across Victorian health services. In order to support the development of the Portal we would like to invite all nurses and midwives to provide feedback to inform a Centralised Education Portal solution.

Please note: This survey will take approximately five minutes to complete and no identifiable information is being requested.

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