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Hate the waste in health care?

Hate the waste in health care?

Nursing for the environment. Photo Paul Jeffers

Cut waste, reduce emissions and conserve resources

Ros Morgan, ANMF (Vic Branch)’s environmental health officer, is running the next ‘Nursing for the Environment – intensive’ course on 14 September.

The course is suitable for nurses, midwives and personal care workers.

Best practice applies to every aspect of our care. Many of us see wastage in the system and know we can do better. There is a global movement in healthcare to change this and you can be part of it.

You can get your work done and deliver patient care while still treading lightly on the planet, reducing emissions and waste and conserving resources and the environment.

Want to understand how climate change and environmental degradation affects public health? Or perhaps you are interested in getting your workplace to adopt a more robust waste reduction program.

‘Nursing for the environment‘, a one-day intensive course, could be the key to getting you up to speed on the latest initiatives and opportunities as well as governance and ethics that underpin environmental actions.

‘We pack a lot of information into one day to provide an overview of a large topic,’ Ros says.

This course connects like-minded nurses, midwives and carers in a learning environment. There is opportunity to share and learn from each other, as well as ask questions and develop projects suited to specific departments. Areas covered in the seminar include:

  • understanding climate change and environmental degradation in a public health framework
  • how our practice contributes to the problem
  • examining the regulatory and ethical frameworks governing healthcare organisations
  • using those frameworks to validate projects and changes to practices
  • consideration of case studies involving changed practices, waste reduction, emissions and costs
  • exploring behavioural change principles and how they apply in the healthcare sector
  • learning how to develop and present business cases and action plans.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet environmental accountability experts from government and healthcare services. You will also be introduced to a range of ready to use tools and resources.

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