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Graduate application tips for students with delayed placements

Graduate application tips for students with delayed placements

Photo: Nick Morrison/Unsplash

ANMF (Vic Branch) are aware that many students are still waiting for their remaining clinical placement hours to be allocated for their final year. Additionally, this may impact on what documentation students will be able to include in their graduate program applications.

At the recent ANMF Undergraduate Student Study Day, many graduate program coordinators offered their advice for students in this position.

The following ‘hot tips’ come direct from program coordinators and recruiters who will be reading your graduate applications.

  1. Be transparent
    Dedicate a sentence in your cover letter explaining your outstanding placement situation and that you will send any updates with required documentation as soon as you can. This way recruiters will be sympathetic to your situation rather than ponder whether you’re withholding information for another reason (eg: failing a placement).
  1. Include outstanding placements in your resume/CV
    List upcoming placements or yet to be allocated in a table.
  1. References
    Include who you can and always request permission from them first. Don’t assume your placement educator or RUSON/M manager will automatically be a referee. Also, advise your references which health services you are applying to, whether to expect a phone call, and, if you get the position, don’t forget to thank them!
  1. Don’t forget to show your passion!
    Tailor your content for each application expressing why you want to work at that particular health service. Recruiters are happy for a few missing placement hours if they know you’re passionate about working for their service.

Please remember you are not alone in this situation.

The health services, grad program coordinators, Department of Health, Nursing Midwifery Board of Australia and ANMF are committed to ensuring you all will graduate on time.

We know how much you have on your plate. If it’s getting a bit much please seek support early from friends, family or the NMHPV, and email the ANMF Graduate and Student Support Officer (Alice Pemberton).