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Grads – violence, aggression, harassment is never ok

As graduate nurses and midwives, it’s important that you’re aware you have a fundamental right to be safe at work.

No one should ever have to ‘put up with’ any kind of violence, aggression or harassment from patients, residents, their family/friends/visitors or fellow colleagues.

This is why all instances of occupational violence and aggression (OVA) need to be reported to:

  1. your employer as soon as they can through formal workplace channel.
  2. ANMF through our online reporting form which can also be found on our Diary app.

RISKMAN or VHIMS reports do not get sent to ANMF, which is why we need members to notify us. Otherwise we cannot help if we don’t know what’s happening at your workplaces.

Ending violence in our healthcare system requires a government, employer and community approach. Read about our ‘Occupational violence and aggression – It’s never ok’ campaign.

We encourage all members to look out for their colleagues and ensure you’re all seeking support services such as the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria.

ANMF wants graduate members to be supported, you can email the Graduate and Student Support Officer or contact Member Assistance.