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Feedback wanted on Secure Work Pilot Scheme for casual workers

Feedback wanted on Secure Work Pilot Scheme for casual workers

The Victorian Government is seeking feedback on the Secure Work Pilot Scheme which will provide casual and other insecure workers with up to five days’ pay if they are sick or have caring duties.

From early 2022, the Victorian Government will operate a two-year pilot scheme, which will provide up to five days’ pay at the minimum wage for workers in targeted industries to take sick or carer’s leave. At 1 July 2021 the minimum wage was $20.33 per hour.

Casual employees in the private aged care sector are expected to be among the workers included in the pilot scheme.

As part of community consultation over the scheme, the government is seeking feedback from casual or insecure workers about the choices and sacrifices they have had to make by going to work sick or not being able to provide care for a family member when needed. The deadline for feedback is 17 August 2021.

The government’s consultation also seeks feedback on other issues including how eligible workers should access and receive payments and what evidence eligible workers should provide to receive payment.

You can fill out a survey, make a written submission, or share your experience of not having access to sick or carer’s leave, by 17 August 2021. You can also register interest in taking part in a discussion group in August.

Under the National Employment Standards, employers which are not small business employers need to offer eligible casual employees who have worked for them for at least 12 months the option to convert to full-time or part-time (permanent) employment.

By 27 September 2021 employers other than small business employers need to assess whether any existing casual employees employed before 27 March 2021 are eligible for offers to convert to permanent employment. They need to make a written offer to convert their casual employees within 21 days of completing the assessment.

To accept an offer, employees need to respond to their employer in writing within 21 days.