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Enrolled nursing students, get the tips to get you a job

Enrolled nursing students, get the tips to get you a job

Andrea Kattula

Enrolled nursing students preparing to apply for jobs can reap the benefits of years of expertise at the ANMF (Vic Branch) Online 2020 Enrolled Nurse Student Study Day.

This year, the event will be held via Zoom over four days, from 11am-1pm on Monday 17 August – Thursday 20 August.

Presentations will cover the code of professional conduct for nurses, the registration application process, the legal framework for nursing practice, transition to practice and enrolled nurses’ pay and working conditions.

One of the keynote speakers is Epworth Eastern’s Enrolled Nurse Graduate Coordinator Andrea Kattula, who will present on Monday 17 August about getting your first job as a nurse. Her presentation will include tips on applying for jobs and how to approach an interview. Andrea will also share what will count against you in an interview.

Andrea said enrolled nursing students faced stiff competition in trying to secure a graduate position, with Epworth Eastern receiving 60-80 applications for six positions.

For the benefit of all members, Andrea shared some tips on application letters:

Five pointers for job applications that secure an interview

  1. Ensure your application looks neat and is easy to read – not cluttered and using a lot of patterned paper and design. Your letter should be approximately one page.
  2. Make sure your letter addresses any criteria specified in the advertisement and you have followed any directions asked of you. This includes addressing the letter to the correct person and organisation. I cannot stress this enough. If you are asked for a photo, send in a labelled photo.
  3. Discuss why you would like to come and work at the organisation you are applying to and be part of their graduate program. Is it because of your positive undergraduate clinical experience, peers speaking of their experiences, meeting or speaking with the organisation’s graduate coordinators, or firsthand experience in which either you or your family was a patient? Show that you have researched what the organisation is about and stands for. What is it that stands out to you and how do you see yourself fitting in to that culture?
  4. Ensure your CV is neat, current and relevant to the role you are applying for. Don’t leave gaps if you left study for a period of time, or it has been a while since you studied – explain what you were doing.
  5. Use referees that are current and are aware of the position you are applying for.

See the full program of the ANMF (Vic Branch) Online 2020 Enrolled Nurse Student Study Day and register now.