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EBAs 101: The 2024 public sector EBA – why it matters to private acute sector employees?

EBAs 101: The 2024 public sector EBA – why it matters to private acute sector employees?

There are at least 250 different EBAs (enterprise bargaining agreements) covering Victorian ANMF members, across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Each EBA lasts for around three to four years before it expires and can be legally renegotiated, and negotiations for each EBA can take months and months of often challenging work.

Because each EBA has a different expiry date, ANMF is always in negotiations for a number of EBAs. When yours is up for renegotiation, we will let you know. To be kept up to date, make sure your contact details are correct, and that you have not unsubscribed from ANMF notifications.

You can also check your EBA yourself, as there is always a clause outlining the timeline for renegotiations and expiry date.

My EBA isn’t up for renegotiation right now so why should I care about the public EBA?

The public sector nurses and midwives single interest multi-employer agreement is due to expire on 30 April 2024. It is the state’s largest – covering more than 60,000 nurses and midwives – and that strength in numbers and ability to take significant industrial action means our members, working with ANMF staff and elected officials, can achieve significant improvements to conditions and wages.

You can view some of the many achievements in past public sector EBA campaigns: EBA timeline.

Benchmark for all other agreemnets

The size of the membership covered by the public sector EBA, and their capacity to achieve change, is also what makes this agreement the benchmark for all other agreements – including other public sector workplaces, private acute facilities and smaller private workplaces such as residential aged care facilities, bush nursing hospitals, local governments, palliative care, dialysis, endoscopy, radiology, pathology and IVF clinics.

So even if you don’t work in the public sector, it’s useful to be aware of what the public sector achieves. In many cases, these achievements inform change across the sector. For example, the public sector EBA was the first to achieve paid maternity leave (as it was known at the time) for nurses, midwives and carers; now paid parental leave is almost universal.

You can find your EBA – and its expiry date – in the member portal, under ‘My Membership’.

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