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Daylight saving 2023 begins 1 October

Daylight saving 2023 begins 1 October

Victorians will lose an hour when the clock moves forward at 2am, Sunday 1 October 2023. If you are working during the transition to daylight saving your pay will depend on the award or agreement that applies to your workplace.

Victorian public sector nurses and midwives, most private acute and aged care nurses and personal care workers will be paid for the actual hours worked during the affected shift.

You can check your agreement via the member portal.

What if I live near the border and work in NSW?

Members who live near the border but work under NSW agreements should be aware that generally, NSW employees are paid according to the start and finish times that appear on the clock instead of the hours actually worked.

While this works in employees’ favour when daylight saving begins it works against employees’ favour when daylight saving ends. Because employers cannot guarantee they will roster the same staff on for shifts when daylight saving both ends and begins, Victorian public sector nurses negotiated for change in our Victorian EBAs.