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COVID-19 student newsflash 3: AHPRA registration, testing positive after clinical placement

COVID-19 student newsflash 3: AHPRA registration, testing positive after clinical placement

AHPRA registration opens earlier

In order to ensure the graduate registration process is as smooth as possible, this year AHPRA is asking final year students to apply within three months of your expected graduation date.

Even if you haven’t finalised all your details, you will be given the opportunity to upload new information as and when required e.g. identification of a graduate program commencement date.

By opening the process earlier, AHPRA is aiming to ensure new graduates are registered within two weeks of receiving your graduate results.

AHPRA has advised ANMF that applications will be processed in a timely fashion to ensure you are registered before commencement of your graduate program or new job. You can read the letter from AHPRA [PDF].

Application tips

It’s important you read and make sure you understand the instructions. AHPRA has created a short instructional video on the application process on their graduate application page.

Take your time and ensure you’ve submitted all required documentation in the format they require. For instance, proof of identity, use their CV template, etc.

When certifying documents, initial every page and have the certifier include the statement as directed. Please note there are different words required for the authorising officer to use when certifying any document including a photograph.

The application process can be slowed down if you mistakenly don’t submit supporting documentation in the specific format required, including the new wording required for certifying documents.

You also have an obligation to notify if you have a health condition/impairment that might affect your ability to practice. Include as much information as you can so that the assessment can be addressed smoothly.

If you have a criminal history, ensure you provide a written statement with details, what the outcome was, and any supporting documentation with your application. If you are unsure of the obligation to notify, please contact ANMF Member Assistance.

If you have a clinical placement to finish, your registration process won’t be started until all course requirements are completed and your education provider sends the appropriate documentation. AHPRA has advised all education providers to inform them as soon as they’ve finalised documentation from their end.

Need AHPRA registration assistance?

If you are two weeks from starting your graduate year or new job and are having issues with your AHPRA registration, contact ANMF Member Assistance.

Contracting COVID-19 on clinical placement

ANMF has received queries from students about contracting COVID-19 whilst on clinical placement.

Currently, the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act doesn’t provide for students on placement, although if you are a student and employed you will be covered by WorkCover.

To rectify this, ANMF is working with WorkSafe Victoria to review workers compensation provisions applying to students in these circumstances. In order to do this, ANMF needs student members to provide detailed examples of this occurring.

If you have potentially contracted COVID-19 during your student placement, inform ANMF Member Assistance. Your information will remain confidential and will be de-identified.

It is critical that we know how many students have been affected and where transmission occurred, so we can also ensure that the facility has implemented appropriate risk controls to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

Concerned about securing a clinical placement?

ANMF is assisting final year students concerned about securing clinical placements required to graduate on time.

If you are experiencing an issue seek ANMF advice, after you have contacted your education provider to ascertain if they have accessed clinical placement opportunities for you on the Place Right system.

Other concerns?

All ANMF members, including student members, can seek ANMF advice and support for an issue via Member Assistance.

Tailored, free counselling, support and referral

If you feel like you are not coping, need to talk or need a little extra support you can access the Nursing and Midwifery Health Program Victoria (Phone 9415 7551 or

NMHPV is a free, confidential and independent service staffed predominantly by mental health nurses. There are also nurses and midwives with counselling training.

Invite your fellow students to join ANMF

ANMF (Vic Branch) encourages all nursing and midwifery students to invite the students in their course to join the union via