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COVID-19 vaccination and graduate program applications

COVID-19 vaccination and graduate program applications

Hi Alice,

I’m a graduate nurse about to start a rotation in aged care. I’ve been advised by my employer that I must get the COVID-19 vaccination, is this true?

Kind regards, Heidi

Hi Heidi

It’s long been the case that nurses and midwives must be vaccinated against numerous vaccine-preventable diseases.

ANMF strongly encourages all members to get the COVID-19 vaccination which is effective and reduces your changes of severe illness, hospitalisation and death if you contract COVID-19. This is to keep residents and frontline workers safe.

As we saw last year, aged care residents are more vulnerable to COVID-19 which is why the Federal Government and national cabinet made the vaccination a requirement of all aged care staff.

The Victorian Chief Health Officer’s aged care vaccination directions were issued on 7 September and give legal effect to the 17 September first dose deadline. Please check your member COVID-19 newsflashes for the latest info.

Nurses and midwives who contracted COVID-19 last year (before a vaccine was available) have spoken publicly about its debilitating effects. Being vaccinated is your best chance to ensure you are protected. Further information on the benefits of vaccination can be found

If you have an underlying medical condition that you believe would exempt you from being vaccinated, please talk with your GP or specialist and they will be able to advise further.

You have priority access at state vaccination hubs, see


Hi Alice,

I am a final year student and have applied for graduate programs through computer match. What can I expect if I’m not offered a position?

Kind regards, Sally

Hi Sally,

If you are unsuccessful in securing a position through computer match, rest assured there are other options. The unmatched positions will be released on 15 October. You’ll need to apply for these positions directly with the health service. Look at the position description carefully and follow their instructions. I recommend reviewing your previous applications and to see if they can be improved.

Don’t forget members receive credit to do modules on our CPD Portal which can also help your CV stand out.

I also recommend practising and refining your interview skills with a friend or colleague. You may be asked to take part in a panel, video, or group interview. There are also multi mini interviews which are activity-based with stations you rotate around with tasks to complete.

Importantly, keep in contact with your referees. You don’t want a referee caught unaware if a potential employer calls them.

It might also be handy to give them a copy of your application before you are interviewed.

And one final handy hint – download the ANMF Diary App so you can be ready to fill in your roster.

Email me at with any further questions.