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COVID-19 Newsflash #60 – ANMF secures COVID allowance for nurses and midwives

Public sector nurses and midwives working in patient-facing areas will be paid a new ‘Hospital surge support allowance’ over the next four months.

ANMF has been in discussions with the Andrews Government for some weeks about these payments designed to acknowledge the work of nurses and midwives as the number of COVID hospitalisations increases.

The purpose behind ANMF’s proposal was to ensure a fair payment for all nurses and midwives working in the acute clinical areas that will care for the expected surge of patients over the next few months. The payments will also be an incentive for nurses and midwives to work additional shifts or return to the acute workforce during this extraordinarily challenging time.

This will be a two-tiered allowance:

Red Zone allowance will be $60 per eight/ten-hour shift, $90 per 12-hour shift and $120 per double shift for nurses caring for patients in intensive care units in COVID- streaming hospitals, and nurses and midwives caring for COVID patients in hospital wards/birthsuites/mental health ward and Hospital in the Home/domiciliary program (face-to-face visits) emergency departments and maternity assessment units.

Amber Zone allowance will be $30 per eight/ten-hour shift, $45 per 12-hour shift and $60 per double shift for nurses and midwives caring for non-COVID-19 patients in non-streaming hospitals ward settings, (including maternity and acute mental health), urgent care centres, and suspected COVID.

The ‘Hospital surge support allowance’ will be paid from the 11 October 2021 for the next four months. As additional hospitals become streaming hospitals the nurses and midwives in those facilities caring for COVID patients will move to the Red Zone allowance.

Full- and part-time nurses and midwives and casual bank employees will be eligible for the payment.

A lesser allowance, also two tiered, is payable to non-clinical staff

We know members will have many questions. ANMF is finalising details and will provide more information in a further COVID-19 update. Information will also be provided at the ANMF statewide Job Reps and HSRs meeting on Thursday 14 October 2021. Ensure your ward or unit is represented at this meeting by your Job Rep and/or HSR. ANMF has sent Job Reps and HSRs the registration link via text and email. Registration closes tomorrow – 8.30am, Wednesday 13 October 2021.