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Courtney Alexander

Courtney Alexander is completing her final year of a Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery course and is president of Monash University Nursing and Midwifery Club (MUNC).

What specialisation would you like to work in?


What made you want to become a midwife?

I was procrastinating completing an assignment for my arts degree and started Googling when I found the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery. I liked the idea of helping people in a direct and tangible way.

What have you enjoyed about your studies?

Aside from the placements, the friends I have made in my degree. They are incredible and I couldn’t do this course without them.

You’re the president of MUNC, what does the club do?

We are a student-led club facilitating social events for our members to meet like-minded people and have fun during an incredibly demanding degree, including graduate meet and greets, bake sales and our annual ball. We also have awesome hoodies!

We also use member feedback to create new events to ensure we are providing what our members want.

What made you take on a leadership role in MUNC?

I wanted to involve myself in the social aspects of university as well as working towards improving the overall student experience.

What are you planning for the upcoming semester?

Later this semester we are putting on our annual ball, which will be an amazing night.

What advice do you have to first year nursing/midwifery students?

Get hands on and practice your skills; anything from making a bed to taking blood pressure. Your time on placement is finite and practicing your skills makes it easier to add to them later.

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