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Count the babies: midwifery audit

Count the babies: midwifery audit

Newborn baby

ANMF (Vic Branch), in conjunction with the QNMU and other Branches of the federation campaign to Count the Babies, will be coordinating an audit of baby numbers in postnatal wards across public sector maternity services on Wednesday 20 July 2022. The audit will not include birth suites or special care nurseries.

This important midwifery audit is seeking to quantify the number of babies (both qualified and unqualified) in maternity services on the particular day , and who is providing care to them. Participating members will be asked to provide a snapshot of their postnatal ward, including staffing levels, skill mix and whether you felt you were able to safely care for the mothers and babies in your ward.

The audit will cover a 24-hour period of time, so that so we can understand the number of babies across all three shifts. Questions (sent to participating members in advance) should be completed at the end of each of the three shifts: the night shift ending on the morning of Wednesday 20 July, and the AM and PM shift of 20 July.

The information gleaned from the audit will be used to push for positive change. Statistics and quotes gathered from the survey may be provided to Department of Health and employers. It will also be useful data for ANMF in relation to our election asks for maternity.

Why are we doing this?

Babies with their mothers on postnatal wards in Victoria are not counted in ratios or workloads, and midwives in some instances are  struggling to provide the care required for both mothers and babies in the essential first few hours and days of life.

This is a specific and targeted action, instigated from the QNMU, to draw attention to the invisible and real workloads midwives are enduring every shift.

Information forums on the audit are scheduled for 15 and 18 July, at 2pm. Members who are interested in nominating themselves as available on the day/shifts should contact their ANMF Organiser via