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Common EN application mistakes and how to avoid them

Each year Victorian hospitals receive a large volume of applications for transition to practice programs or employment from graduating students.

Your application is the first chance to sell yourself, so it’s important to be professional. Many applications are immediately discarded due to the same errors.

  1. Submitting a generic application: If you mention an area of interest that a hospital doesn’t offer, it will show you’ve done no research and have submitted a generic application. Health services want to know why you want to work there and how you personify its organisational values.
  2. Poor attention to detail: Re-read or ask someone to check your application for grammatical errors, typos and that it’s addressed to the correct person.
  3. Answering questions poorly: Don’t claim you satisfy the criteria as an “I” statement, e.g. ‘I have excellent attention to detail’. Provide examples showing how you satisfy the criteria using de-identified real-life scenarios.
  4. Poor presentation: Be careful what fonts you use and what size. Ensure you follow instructions on how the health service wants applications formatted and submitted. If they don’t mention it, contact them to check.

The ANMF Enrolled Nurse Student Study Day, held on Friday 21 July, will help you better understand the application process as well as the transition to clinical practice.

Graduate coordinators will offer tips on writing effective resumes and application letters along with the keys to a successful interview. It will also cover the AHPRA registration process,  your pay and conditions as a new enrolled nurse.