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Changes to the graduate recruitment process

Changes to the graduate recruitment process

11/5/18 Aileen Falzon from PMCV at the ANMF UGSSD. Photograph by Chris Hopkins

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) has announced changes to the 2020 computer match, now known as ‘Allocation and Placement Service’ to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

This year, there are two new processes to Graduate Nurse/Midwifery Program (GNMP) Match:

  1. You can nominate two clinical referees
  2. Interviews will be a pre-recorded video to replace face-to-face interviews

How will the online interview process work?

PMCV is coordinating a centralised online interview process using the online platform called SONRU, however some health services may choose to use another platform (e.g Zoom).

This will likely occur in early August after registration has closed. PMCV will communicate directly with applicants.

You’ll need:

  1. access to internet
  2. a computer or a mobile device with camera and microphone
  3. a quiet, sound-proof room with good quality light

Technical tips

  • Check your background, where possible look for a plain, uncluttered background, such as a wall. You don’t want the background to distract from you.
  • You want the room and you to be lit evenly. Record a test video and look to see if there how dark the video is, or for shadows on your face or in the background. Ideally a window with a soft, light curtain to diffuse light would work best.
  • Ensure your room is soundproof and free from all background noise (e.g. housemates/pets/kids, construction, phones, etc).
  • Your camera should be horizontal and not be too close or far from you. Its best to have a mid-length shot.
  • Practice recording your interview a few times so you can test your system

You will want to practice recording this a few times to ensure you are giving clear answers to the questions. Remember: because it’s recorded once, you may need to keep your answers generic and not too specific to one graduate program (e.g. emergency vs paediatric).

For more tips, SONRU have prepared a guide to online interviews.

Applications for the Graduate Nurse/Midwifery Program (GNMP) Match close Monday 3 August.