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Campaign update 12: December pay rise and final steps for new EBA

Campaign update 12: December pay rise and final steps for new EBA

2020 public sector enterprise agreement

December 2020 3% wage increase

As part of the eight-year wages agreement reached by ANMF in 2016, and endorsed again by members in April 2020, your next wage increase is due from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 December.

Despite employees not yet formally voting on the 2020-2024 EBA, the Victorian Government has approved this wage increase being payable now, and health services will be instructed this week to pay the increase.

Drafting of replacement 2020-2024 EBA

Final drafting work is concluding, with only the transitional arrangements for nurse/midwife managers at Grade 5 and above to be finalised. A meeting with the Victorian Hospitals’ Industrial Association and the Department of Health and Human Services will occur this week to ensure this is completed.

When will there be a vote for the 2020-2024 EBA?

The formal vote to approve the 2020-2024 EBA will occur once the dispute with HSU over coverage (i.e. who will be covered by the new EBA) is determined by the Fair Work Commission.

Witness evidence in that case has been completed, and final submissions are due on 26 November, with the final hearing on 30 November.

The outcome of that arbitration may mean minor changes to the draft.

We will then proceed to the approval process as soon as is practicable.