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Beyond your grad year

Beyond your grad year

Nursing and midwifery is a journey. Photo by Ruediger Theiselmann/Unsplash

If you are in your final months of your graduate program, it’s likely you’ll want permanent work.

Now is the time to reflect about your year so you can plan the next stage of your career:

  • Which rotations did you like the best?
  • Where did you feel you experienced the most personal and professional growth?
  • What was the working culture like?
  • What feedback did I get from my colleagues about me?

Once you’re clear about your goals, the next step is to research jobs openings available in your area of interest.

Sometimes vacant positions haven’t been advertised, so approach the NUM/MUM to find out if there are positions coming up. If you’d like to remain where you are, talk to your clinical educator about your chances.

Your application

Just like with your grad application, your job application should demonstrate your skills and abilities that you’ve acquired.

It should demonstrate your work ethic, teamwork and provide evidence of self-directed learning (such as continuing professional development courses).

Approach trusted senior colleagues for feedback of what they’ve observed about your skills.

Don’t assume your education coordinator or ward manager will be a referee, ask first! Don’t forget to let them know if you’re invited for an interview so they are aware they may be contacted.

It’s a journey

If you don’t get your first preference, remember that it’s a journey and all experience is valuable. Emergency department nurses Mike Stone and Adrian Spinelli advise grads to start in other areas first as it is beneficial as patients present to ED with a variety of conditions. Rural and regional hospitals offer broad clinical experience if you’re able to relocate.

Need assistance?

The Graduate and Final Year Officer can assist you. However, if you require career or job application advice, contact your university career service or a trusted lecturer/clinical educator.