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Ban the plastic bag

Ban the plastic bag

ANMF (Vic Branch) is supporting a ban on most kinds of plastic bags.

The Branch’s submission to the Victorian Government’s consultation on reducing the impact of plastics in the environment says that all single-use plastic bags, apart from a home compostable variety should be banned.

It also calls for tackling other waste, including promoting reusable cups, incentivising manufacturers to reduce packaging, a container deposit scheme, and banning the mass release of balloons.

The submission comes as part of the Government’s inquiry into the banning of single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags and an investigation into managing plastic pollution in the state. Members of the public and organisations were invited to respond through the State Government’s Engage Victoria online consultation platform.

Single-use plastics make up a majority of waste in Australia, and contribute to pollution of waterways, marine life and the environment.

It is a growing issue many other cities and countries are starting to address as part of a wider solution to tackling pollution and climate change.

By employing a multi-pronged approach, including educating consumers and companies on alternatives, enforcing legislative penalties for breaches, and encouraging emerging technologies, the branch believes that this would ensure the transition from single-use plastics is successful in Victoria.

The branch is committed to doing its part in tackling climate change, both as an employer, and as a union.

The new members’ building was designed with environmentally sustainable features, including solar panels, water tanks, improved waste and recycle sorting and an in-house compost system. Additionally, the branch employs an environment officer, runs an annual Health & Environmental Sustainability Conference and has introduced CPD focusing on how nurses can establish sustainability programs at work. In November 2017, ANMF was awarded the CitySwitch ‘Victorian Signatory of the Year’ award for its efforts.

Engage Victoria will collate and publish the final report on plastic pollution by end of March.

Members who are interested in environmental sustainability are encouraged to attend the Health and Environmental Sustainability Conference on Friday 27 April, featuring Craig Reucassel from ‘The War on Waste’, and join our Facebook Green Nurses and Midwives Group.