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Ask Alice

Starting your career as a professional nurse or midwife can be challenging and daunting. Got a question? Ask Alice via

Hi Alice,
I’m an interstate student, planning on moving to Vic this year to continue my Bachelor of Nursing. I’m really interested in maternal child health nursing but getting confused with what I need to do. Can you help?
– Margot

Hi Margot,

Different states and territories have different requirements but to practice as a maternal child health nurse (MCHN) in Victoria, you are required to hold current registration with AHPRA as:

  • a registered nurse (division 1), and
  • a registered midwife, and
  • hold a postgraduate degree/diploma (or equivalent) in maternal and child health nursing.

In terms of career progression once you complete your Bachelor of Nursing, you may like to consolidate your skills by completing a graduate program and working for a few years. There are many organisations and wards that are specific to women’s health, which would be a wonderful opportunity to gain some insight and helpful knowledge for a career in midwifery and onwards to MCHN.

When you are ready to return to study after becoming a registered nurse, your next step would be to complete a graduate diploma/post-graduate course in midwifery. The ANMF (Vic Branch) offer the most amazing course-fee grants for members for postgraduate studies – check out for more details.

Once you are a registered nurse and a registered midwife in Victoria you then have the pre-requisites to hit the books again and become an MCHN. I know it might seem like a long road at this stage, but the skills, stories and wild moments along the way will be a worthy adventure.

Exciting times ahead for you, Margot.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your studies and the big move to Vic!

In unity,

Hi Alice,
I am about to finish my grad year and I am interested in getting more involved in the ANMF – can I be a Job Rep or do I need more years of experience? Thanks so much,
– Ted

Hi Ted,

Congrats on almost getting through your first 12 months of nursing life! This is an incredible achievement; I hope you have had some time to celebrate!

We warmly welcome any nurse or midwife to become a Job Rep (or Health and Safety Rep) regardless of experience ‘on the floor’. Many grads are unfortunately unaware of their rights and the agreements that outline pay and conditions within the workplace. How can you question your pay or leave entitlements if you don’t know what you are entitled to?

ANMF provides free Job Rep training so you can gain a better understanding of awards, agreements, entitlements and workplace negotiations, which can improve your confidence and career options and help you advocate for yourself, your colleagues and your patients.

By becoming an ANMF Job Rep, you will help fast-track your workplace knowledge and flex your leadership skills, which will help open doors throughout your career.

As a Job Rep you’ll also have the opportunity to attend the free annual ANMF Delegates Conference. This two-day conference provides a forum for reps to debate and influence the union’s policies and direction over the coming year.

For more information on Job Reps (or Health and Safety Reps), including how to become a Rep, see pages 18 through 21 or contact your ANMF organiser. You’re also welcome to send me an email:

Onya Ted!