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ANMF visits to private aged care facilities in October

Personal care workers and nurses working in private and not-for-profit aged care facilities can expect to see ANMF (Vic Branch) staff members as we visit facilities this October.

This will be your chance to discuss with ANMF staff matters relating to current enterprise bargaining and industry issues, including our campaign for adequate staffing levels and the right skill mix.

Public aged care facilities have nurse: resident ratios under the Safe Patient Care Act 2015 and ANMF organisers will visit these facilities when enterprise bargaining begins for the public sector 2020–24 agreement.

The aged care royal commission has brought longstanding issues such as overworked staff into the spotlight. Members may also have questions about the royal commission and how the ANMF is representing members’ concerns.

ANMF (Vic Branch) Assistant Secretary Paul Gilbert will present to the royal commission at its aged care workforce hearings in Melbourne between 14 and 18 October. ANMF Federal Secretary Annie Butler provided a statement and presented to the royal commission hearing on 13 February 2019.

The ANMF is also assisting the Victorian Government with its review of the Drugs and Poisons Act which governs who can administer medications, and the training and qualifications required.

Visiting staff members will be delivering ANMF packs which include information about our CPD workshops, seminars and online modules that are relevant for aged care nurses and personal care workers.