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ANMF advocacy for Forensicare members

ANMF advocacy for Forensicare members

Enterprise agreement negotiations continue between ANMF and Forensicare, with ANMF tabling a claim for more nurses on weekends for all Thomas Embling Hospital wards.

ANMF has also included in its staffing claim increases on AM and PM shifts across Marrmak, AAU, St Paul’s, Erskine and Aire wards.

In a May 2021 ANMF survey of Forensicare members, 72 per cent said more staff was their top priority. This is especially relevant in view of the mental health royal commission’s recommendation for expanded forensic mental health services in Victoria.

Bullying and harassment review
ANMF met with Forensicare on 3 August regarding the outcomes of an independent review on bullying, harassment and discrimination within the organisation.

ANMF will report back to Forensicare members about the review outcomes, Forensicare’s responses and timelines for action.

ANMF/HESTA Forensic Mental Health Scholarship

The ANMF/HESTA $3,500 forensic mental health scholarship is available for nurses working at Forensicare, or in forensic mental health roles.

The scholarship is for nurses studying a graduate certificate or diploma in forensic mental health nursing. Terms and conditions apply.

Scholarship applications close on 15 August 2021. Apply now.