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Alice answers your student and grad questions

Alice answers your student and grad questions

Ask Alice, your Graduate and Final Year Student Support Officer.

Hi Alice,
I’m in my first rotation in my grad program and all the midwives and educators have different advice on how to do certain things. How do I know whose advice to follow? I also get a little stuck sometimes as everyone’s so busy – any tips?
Thanks, Catherine

Hi Catherine,

This is a really common challenge for your first few years. There can often be inconsistent or conflicting advice out there – as a midwife you will know this only too well ☺️.

Of course, it’s good to take on any feedback from your team and educators but if you are ever confused about which is best practice there should always be a hospital policy you can refer to. Reviewing hospital policies for specific tasks, medications etc is a great habit to get into and will ensure you are protecting your registration.

Depending on the situation or the task, there may be lots of different ways to do something but as long as you are following best practice and sticking to relevant hospital policies you can’t go wrong. You will learn what works best for you with time, and in the meantime keep escalating to your in charge, ask questions, update your planner, cluster tasks and ask all the questions!

If your team are busy and you are worried about bothering them, a good strategy to work around is to come to them with a solution (as well as the problem). For example, you can say: this is the situation XYZ, these are my next steps; would you recommend anything else or have I forgotten something?

Please remember you are a worthy member of the team. You need to ask questions and seek advice as a grad and everyone needs help every shift! Your educators will become concerned if you are not asking questions or escalating anything you need help with – utilise them and your team as much as you can.

You got this Catherine!

Reach out to me if you would like to chat:

Hi Alice,
I am working as a mental health PQRN (RUSON) and I sat in on an ANMF members’ meeting the other day – I loved it! The Organiser mentioned I should update my student membership as I’m now working in the healthcare sector. Do you think I need to?
Cheers, Sam.

Hi Sam,

Sounds like a great meeting and a good opportunity to connect with some Job Reps – good on you!

It’s great to hear you are a student member with us, but a lot of people don’t realise that student membership won’t cover you if you have any workplace issues or concerns with your role as a PQRN.

If you upgrade your membership to ‘working student’, this will ensure you protect your future registration as an RN, as you will
have access to:

  • member assistance for industrial, professional and OHS advice and other work-related matters
  • professional indemnity and public liability insurance up to $10 million
  • Good Samaritan insurance, which will cover you for any first aid response in the community
  • advice and representation if you had a workplace injury and needed to access Workcover
  • access to legal services through Gordon Legal
  • workplace health and safety advice and support to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible.

We always recommend upgrading your membership as unfortunately we will not be able to help you if anything happens at work unless you are on the correct membership.

Onya Sam,

Hello ☺️.
I have just been accepted into a public sector grad program and I have just found out it is extended over two years – will this affect my pay increases at all?

Hello 😊

Congratulations on your graduate year my friend! You have worked so hard to get to this point – I hope you are doing something lovely to celebrate this incredible achievement?!

It’s great to hear you will be a part of an extended grad program over two years. I hope this is a good amount of time to consolidate your practice and offer you the opportunity to work in different areas of the hospital.

As per the Nurses and Midwives (Victorian Public Sector) (Single Interest Employers) Enterprise Agreement 2020-2024, after working 12 months at an average of at least three shifts (or 24 hours) per week, you will progress to the next pay increment.

If your contract states otherwise, please let us know immediately by accessing ANMF Membership Assistance.

Just for future reference, if you ever have any questions on your entitlements you can access your Enterprise Agreement by logging on to the ANMF member portal.

Congrats again: there is so much ahead of you!

In unity,